Automatic Cat Feeder

Whether you are working late or going away for a weekend then an automatic cat feeder provides you with the alternative to relying on friends and family. It can be set to ensure that your cat will be fed at certain times of the day when you’re not there. An automatic feeder is the ideal solution if your pet has a delicate stomach and eating all its food in one go makes them ill. The automatic pet feeder will give your cat its food in small doses throughout the day giving you piece of mind that your cat will stay well whilst you are out.

There are several advantages to owning an automatic cat feeder. It provides your cat with regularity in terms of how much food it gets and when it will receive it. For those cat owners who used to overfill their food bowls before going away and have cats that don’t have the feline control to eat as and when they are hungry then a automatic pet feeder will allow you to control the frequency of their meals. If your cat is one for jumping on your bed and meowing for its food until you get up then a pet feeder is an ideal alternative. Once your cat has got into a routine with the pet feeder you will no longer have the early morning get up’s in order to feed your cat. Some cat owners like to take their pets away with them. An automatic pet feeder is easily transportable and will allow your cat to stay in its routine whilst not at home.

Automatic cat feeders come in many different designs but ultimately they all carry out the same actions. They are designed to prevent any spillage so that your cat will be unable to overturn them. They can be set to predetermined feeding cycle i.e. 6, 12 & 24 hours. All pet feeders are easy to dismantle to enable them to be cleaned easily. You may worry that if you leave your cat to be fed by one of these automatic pet feeders then the food would be subject to crawling bugs. There is no need to worry – most models have a protective barrier to prevent and insects to enter the food keeping it fresh for your cat.

Although an automatic cat feeder allows you the piece of mind that your cat will be fed whilst you are away it is recommended that someone still looks in on your cat on a daily basis just to ensure everything is ok. Check out our automatic cat feeders guide which has details on the most popular automatic feeders that are currently available to buy online.