Savic Digital Feeders

Savic Digital Pet Feeder

Savic Digital Pet FeederThe savic digital pet feeder is a battery operated feeder that is suitable for both kittens and cats. The programmable digital feeder can be set to open the lid at pre-set times. With the feeder being easy to program, it assists you in feeding your cat while you’re out. All food is kept fresh in the feeding bowl which is removable so it is easy to clean.

The savic digital pet feeder has a 72 hour timer that also includes a repeat function which makes setting feeding times easy.

Savic Dinner Time Double

Savic Dinner Time DoubleThe savic dinner time double is a battery operated feeder which is similar in design and features to the savic digital pet feeder. The main difference is that there are two bowls that contain the cat food instead of one. The feeder again comes with a 72 hour timer with repeat function.

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