Van Ness Auto Feeder

Van Ness Auto Feeder

The Van Ness auto feeder is an easy to use feeder that is designed in such a way to ensure that your cat always has a constant supply of dry food. The feeder has a hinged top which when opened allows you to pour dry food into the container. The feeder simply allows food to drop through and fill the bowl situated at the bottom.

The feeder is manufactured from high impact plastic which makes in extremely durable, therefore, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The top unit is removable making it easy to clean and all components are also dishwasher proof.

The Van Ness auto feeder is available in a number of different sizes depending on your requirements.

Model Dimensions Cost
0.7kg Length 23cm

Width 14cm
Height 18cm
1.4kg Length 29cm

Width 18cm
Height 23cm
2.7kg Length 37cm

Width 22cm
Height 28cm
4.5kg Length 44cm

Width 26cm
Height 34cm
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