Cat Water Fountain

Just like we do, cats need more water than food, therefore ensuring they have enough fresh water to drink is essential to keeping them healthy.

A cat water fountain is a unique way of encouraging your cat to drink. Pet fountains can hold various amounts of water which is constantly re-circulated through a filter removing any impurities and keeping the water oxygenated. Some fountains also have pumps which help keep the water cool and fresh making it more appealing to your cat. The filters are small and easily removable and only need to be changed once a month and so make your cat water fountain easily maintainable. It is recommended that you clean your fountain out on a weekly basis as this will help keep the water fresher for longer. In between cleaning you may need to top the water up to ensure that there is enough to flow through the fountain.

A cat water fountain prevents the need for anyone to look in on your cats while you are away. They are also helpful if you work long hours and weekends as water that is just in a bowl and go stale quite quick and your cat may not be getting enough to drink as they should. Cat fountains can either be battery operated, mains powered or even just something as simple as filing them up and they will slowly let the water seep through.

Cats who do not get an adequate supply of water are prone to kidney problems and are also susceptible to urinary diseases such as crystal formation. For these purposes alone a cat fountain offers the ideal solution. They provide constant running water which is vary appealing to a cat and therefore encourages them to drink. The water is always fresh and well oxygenated and prevents any contaminants that you may get from using a standard bowl and stagnant water.

I can speak from experience with my cat actually suffering from struvite crystal formation. She was never a great drinker and this was making her ill. Once being diagnosed by the vet that she had the crystal formation and was put on a strict diet I decided to get a cat fountain. Since the day I got it I have never looked back as she now drinks more than ever and this is evidenced in her coat which is now nice and soft.